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11 April 2023

Honeywell RTU2020 Remote Terminal Unit

The Honeywell RTU2020 is a modular, powerful and scalable controller capable of all remote automation and control applications. It is designed to communicate with any SCADA system but when combined with Experion® PKS and its radically simplified SCADA configuration with superior operator experience, it solves the most challenging remote

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5 April 2023

Motherwell Automation – Smarter, Faster, Safer

Automation is no stranger in the industrial mining landscape. It exists in almost every part of an operation from plant processes and control systems, earthmoving equipment and vehicle fleet tracking devices, to drones and surveying technology, detection and avoidance systems, and maintenance sheds. All this technology heavily relies on

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30 March 2023

Motherwell Partners With OneFex Industrial Technology To Deliver Industrial IoT Solutions To The Whole Of Australia

Motherwell Automation is excited to announce a new distributor partnership with OneFex Industrial Techonology to provide a full spectrum of quality industrial IoT products to the Australian market. Focused on R&D and marketing of industrial-grade I/O Module, Modbus RTU/TCP/BACnet MSTP/Ethernet IP/PROFINET/EtherCAT with 10+ years industry experience. Technical strength combined

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28 March 2023

Telepresenz Xpert Provides State-of-the-art Workflow Automation Capabilities

Are you ready for state-of-the-art workflow automation capabilities which enable you to create training procedures that are assigned to your workforce? With Telepresenz Xpert, workers can follow outlined procedures and then be assessed on whether they are qualified to go into the real-world and address customer issues. You’ll gain

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8 March 2023

MAIWE Renewable Energy Solutions – Wind Power Station Wireless Coverage

In response to the needs of the wind power industry, MAIWE provides integrated solutions for wired data transmission, wireless coverage and IP telephone systems to meet the requirements of remote maintenance of field centre, wind turbine equipment inspection, and timely voice communication. The traditional equipment configuration and maintenance in

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