26 March 2020

Moxa Spotlight – March 2020

Cybersecurity has never been more challenging for industrial applications. The possibility that a cyberincident might impact your operation severely requires constant vigilance. This month, Spotlight gives you tips on how to mitigate cyberthreats inside your industrial networks. We also turn the spotlight on the newly developed Moxa Industrial Linux

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24 February 2020

Moxa Connection – February 2020

Featured Topics: Industrial Network Vulnerabilities You need to Mitigate In the current industrial networking climate, it is not only essential to have a full understanding of potential cybersecurity risks, but also to have robust strategies in place to mitigate these risks. In this article, the three main stages of

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15 November 2019

Moxa Spotlight – October 2019

In the age of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), reliable and secure connectivity solutions are critical. This month, we turn the spotlight on solutions that simplify connectivity in renewable energy applications, boost cloud connectivity and connect your serial devices to IIoT applications. Featured Topics: Simplifying IIoT Connectivity for

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11 September 2019

Moxa Connection – September 2019

Featured Topics: OT-to-MQTT Gateways Take Your Data to the Cloud Effortlessly In modern industrial environments, it is essential to bridge the gap between operational and information technology systems. However, with the huge amount of protocols across various industries and applications, it is no easy task to choose the right

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