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The Plant Intelligence team at Motherwell Automation consists of experienced process engineers, solutions architects, electrical and systems engineers who are dedicated to facilitating and supporting initiatives for process and performance enhancement throughout your organisation.

With a wealth of experience across a broad range of process industries and a customer centric, results orientated approach, Motherwell Automation can assist you in achieving and maximising operational excellence within your organisation.

From initial concept design and development through to commissioning and adoption of plant intelligence software and technology, Motherwell Automation provides targeted, cost effective, scalable solutions that ensure:

  • Access to real-time critical information
  • Accountability
  • Increased focus on OEE operations efficiencies
  • Eliminating of duplicate data handling
  • Improved data validation and integrity
  • Troubleshooting and identification of causes & problems
  • Improved protection of process equipment and assets
  • Identification of poorly performing control loops