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22 September 2020

Motherwell Automation Celebrates 20 Years of Automation Excellence

Motherwell Automation is proud to celebrate its 20th anniversary under its current ownership, marking two decades of growth and rising influence as a dynamic Perth-based industrial automation company.  Over the last 20 years, Motherwell has been productive in introducing well-adopted technologies including leading edge industrial automation, control and information

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18 September 2020

Is Your Mine A Smart Mine? The Future Of The MMM Industry

Mining in the age of Industry 4.0 brings digitization to field operators and miners, better decision-making through data and analytics that is aggregated through various mining activity and the ability to run a safer, more sustainable plant even in remote working conditions. With the fast-paced disruptive nature of technology,

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16 September 2020


    A SMART MINE is a DIGITIZED MINE – a mine that has embraced IIoT technology to connect its assets, people and processes. The three imperatives of a smart mine: Unified Operating Model in Mining Enterprise – Siloed systems and lack of a holistic view is brought together

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14 September 2020

Live Webcast: Industrial Grade Secure Remote Access

ENABLE BUSINESS CONTINUITY WITH INDUSTRIAL GRADE SECURE REMOTE ACCESS The global situation and related travel restrictions have left critical talent unable to provide on-site support or respond to operational or cyber security events. To ensure you can continue operations more safely, join this Webinar to learn industrial remote management

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