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4 December 2020

You’re invited: GE Digital’s – What’s new in iFIX 6.5 webinar 10 December 2020

Please join GE Digital on next Thursday, the 10th of December at 11:30am (India Time), 14:00pm(Singapore Time). In this session, you will learn about the future roadmap for iFIX and the new features to be released in iFIX 6.5. GE Digital’s solution provides common visualization and configuration across the

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3 December 2020

Moxa Spotlight – November 2020

As networking technology becomes more advanced, industrial networks are now expected to meet new standards of operational capability and consistency. Moxa’s diverse toolset of industrial devices and solutions empowers industrial networks to do more, reliably. Featured Topics: Expand Your Edge Applications With Low-power Cellular IIoT Gateways. Find out why

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17 November 2020

Invitation to the Honeywell Virtual Cybersecurity Symposium 30th Nov -3rd Dec 2020

  CYBERSECURITY SYMPOSIUM Join OT cybersecurity thought leaders and experts from Honeywell Industrial Cybersecurity team for daily webinars to learn about latest topics on cybersecurity, best practices to improve your cyber resilience and automated tools to improve cyber efficiency. Cybersecurity has never been more important in times of remote

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12 November 2020

Moxa Connection – November 2020

Featured Topics: How to Keep Mass Transit Systems on Track With AIoT Keeping trains on track is easier said then done. Timely detection and repair of track fasteners is crucial to ensuring the safety of any railway line. Find out how one large metropolitan railway is putting Artificial Intelligence

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