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Hikmicro is a leading provider of thermal imaging equipment and solutions – Specialising in SoC and MEMS design development and manufacturing.

Hikmicro offers:

  • Thermal detectors
  • Cores
  • Modules
  • Cameras
  • Total solutions

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Introducing Hikmicro

HIKMICRO places a high value on research and development, empowering its continual progress in thermal technology.
The company earned ISO9001 certification in 2018, demonstrating its quality-first philosophy from the very start.
Through continuous innovation, HIKMICRO’s products and solutions constantly meet the diverse needs of individual,
commercial, industrial, and utility customers around the world.


Why choose Hikmicro for your camera needs?

Image Quality

  • Up to 640×512 High resolution brings the sharpest image details and excellent temperature measurement even long distances.
  • NETD less than 40mk High thermal sensitivity brings the sharpest image details even under extreme conditions.
  • AGC, DDE, and 3D DNR Industry leading algorithms to enhance image quality

Image Frequency

25 Hz image frequency for all models delivers smooth video of dynamic scenes.


Max (±2 or ±2%) accuracy and repeatable temperature measurements based on our high stability detector, optics design, and quality control.


Products and Categories

Thermal Camera Solutions