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Motherwell has partnered with RealWear technologies as an Australian distributor. Together, RealWear and Motherwell provide cutting-edge technology in the ruggedised wearables space along with premium local support for your RealWear devices.

Motherwell's RealWear Update for Q4 2020

Wi-Fi Band Control

By popular demand from RealWear and Motherwell customers, the HMT-1 now supports the option to only use either 2.4GHz or 5GHz Wi-Fi band frequencies. Once selected, this option will prevent the device from scanning for or transmitting to access points on the frequency that is not selected. This will allow the device to be used in new areas where Wi-Fi frequency range is restricted.

Cloud Sync

Cloud sync is the big new feature in this release, increasing the cloud capabilities of the HMT-1 platform by allowing users to easily authenticate cloud storage drives like Microsoft OneDrive. Photos and videos, which may be tagged, can be automatically uploaded to a preferred storage location via the app without the need to load them onto an external device via USB first. Administrators can even create configurations that allow entire fleets of HMT devices to automatically upload to the same cloud storage location quickly and easily.

Lock Screen PIN

For additional security, the HMT-1 now gives the option to add a lock screen with a PIN which must be entered every time the device goes to sleep. To keep the device hands-free, this PIN can be entered via voice command.

Additional Language Support

RealWear is always increasing the languages supported by HMT devices, and this release includes full text and speech support for Traditional Chinese.

Tetrominos Application

To train operators in the use of the HMT-1’s controls, this release includes a ‘Tetrominos’ game application which requires users  make quick movements and adjustments using the device’s voice and head gesture driven interface.

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