Precisely monitor & control plant & enterprise operations with native HTML5 & centralised, remote & mobile innovation.

As a proven automation platform, CIMPLICITY from GE Vernova provides true client/server visualisation and control – from single machines to plant locations spanning the world – helping you manage your operations and improve decision-making. Based on decades of research and development and part of the Proficy family from GE Vernova, CIMPLICITY is the HMI/SCADA of choice for the world’s largest manufacturers and utilities. For applications of all sizes, CIMPLICITY can help deliver easier development, faster response, reduced costs, and increased profitability. Explore GE’s new generation CIMPLICITY 2024 featuring centralised configuration and licensing, integrated advisory analytics, enhanced native HTML5 with Proficy Operations Hub, and more. With capabilities beyond your traditional HMI, native HTML5 means less installation and maintenance effort, easier mobility, responsive design, added value with modern web functionality, secure by design, and rich information where and when you need it – on the device of your choice, in the control room or out in the field. 

New in Version 2024

Advisory Analytics

  • Alarm pattern recognition and troubleshooting, PID control loop health monitoring, AI/ML templates

Enhanced visualization & scale

  • Proficy Operations Hub HTML5 HMI – enhanced trending, new click zones, additional animations for enabling improved operator visual experience
  • Improved alarm viewer performance for large systems
  • Support for multiple event managers enables higher scalability by allowing multiple event services to run on server
  • Reduced process startup time
  • Right-to-left support (text and string objects) and new procedures for common tasks that would require scripting

Security and uptime

  • Enable remote project start and stop using digitally signed interface
  • Redundancy Configuration Update leveraging CIMPLICITY redundancy, perform build changes on a running project without downtime

Central management

  • Central licensing – manage license allocation to servers and clients plus tag allocations to servers
  • Configuration Hub registration to facilitate shared portfolio integration
  • Global Class Script Library enables consistency and maintainability across CIMPLICITY applications leveraging classes/objects



  • Speed problem detection and response across your entire enterprise with modern dashboards, KPIs, and sophisticated alarm management including integrated advisory analytics
  • Reduce time-to-value with Rapid Application Development tools including native HTML5, Configuration Hub, cloud, and object-oriented design
  • Improve decision-making with richer information in context, supported by modeled data, web-based visualisation, and OT systems consolidation
  • Minimise maintenance time and costs with zero deployment clients
  • Take advantage of superior design flexibility for consumption of third-party HMTL5 content, cloud architectures, and enterprise scalability
  • Drive efficiencies in your development across the Proficy portfolio with a common model, installer, security, and unified configuration
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