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The XYR 6000 Position Sensor allows remote, reliable position monitoring in a variety of applications such as valve position to avoid the time and safety risk of manually monitoring position in hazardous areas and remote installations. User benefit from reliable operations and improved efficiency and productivity.​​​​​

What Is It?

The XYR 6000 Position Sensor is based on the reliable MICRO SWITCH CX series hazardous location limit switch. By combining its proven functionality with the Honeywell OneWireless™ network, the position sensor can be used for remote monitoring applications, including positioners, manual process valves, safety shower notification, tank level indication, door position, louver/damper position, or any other presence, absence or position sensing application where installing wires is inefficient or cost-prohibitive.

The XYR 6000 Position Sensor accurately monitors process parameters in real-time and enhances users’ disaster recovery capability. Users benefit from improved process efficiencies through accurate position monitoring and electronic tagging of all valves in system.

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