Pump Intelligence To Your System.

Pumps, pipeline and fittings can get seriously damaged if pressure or flow are out of control and such occurrences are not tracked early. The Pump Genius is a customizable feature of WEG drives that enables your standard VSD to become dedicated for pumping systems. It ensures accurate pressure / flow control throughout the processing cycle, starting with raw water and its usage, ending on wastewater treatment. With an easy-to-use programming wizard, Pump Genius helps you to minimize downtime and maximize energy savings. Everything you need is selecting one of the three options that best fits your application.

  • Simplex – The Simplex software adds ideal features to the VSD for single pump control
  • Multipump – Multipump is the best choice when a pumping system needs to be integrated with a cost-effective solution. It enables one single VSD to control up to 5 pumps via DOL, soft-starter or other starting methods.
  • Multiplex – Multiplex software is the most complete solution to accurately control flow and pressure with high reliability. The VSD’s control, monitor and manage the entire system on their own. There is no need for additional PLC, HMI or any external devices thus installation costs can be optimised.
  • Special features to water and wastewater segment. Full protection to pumping systems and maximized usability through special functions
  • Save costs and space. Eliminates the complexity of existing panels that uses traditional control methods
  • Reduced maintenance costs. The software provides efficient and equal use of the pumps in the system
  • Wizards. WEG free of charge macro that can be added to your standard drive
  • User friendly. Intuitive interface tool for easy setup, control and monitoring
  • Achieves better performance. By using the PID control, excellent results in terms of Energy Savings can be obtained
  • WEG quality. Same standard robustness and technology found in WEG products

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