Fitted with technology for control of three-phase induction motors and permanent magnets synchronous motors, the CFW11 Series achieves increased performance for the most complex drive systems. Designed exclusive for industrial or professional use, the CFW11 presents many innovations adding significant benefits to customers for ease of installation and operation. The Plug-and-Play philosophy allows for easy and quick installation of the VSD and its accessories.

When faced with harsh conditions the WEG CFW11 variable Speed Drive is the answer. The CFW11 features high ingress protection against water and dust, Plug and Play hardware expansion, in-built Ladder programmable soft PLC, Patented “Optimal Flux” technology to extend longevity to motor life and reduce working temperatures at low speeds, Selectable Vector of V/f functionality with Normal or Heavy Duty modes and user intuitive, simple yet powerful HMI interface. Coupe this to the fact that we offer ratings to 720A (355kW in heavy duty) and you can appreciate the CFW11 is an IP Rated VSD that will revolutionize the way you think about your high power decentralised motor control.

  • Available to 10A (2.2kW) with 1/240/50 supply and 720A (400kW) with 3/415/50 supply.
  • Overload ratings to 150% for 60s (HD) or increased power (ND) with 1105 for 60s.
  • Selectable “Sensorless Vector”, Field Orientated control mode for all motor applications and performance demands.
  • IP20 rated protection with ambient temperature ratings to 50°C with no derate to 88A (with 45°C ratings for larger sizes).
  • In-built EMC Filter (complies with IEC 61800-3).
  • Optimal FLUX – allows motors to run a low speeds (10:1) with no torque derate and no forced cooling.
  • Plug and play philosophy; simply add or remove expansion modules as required.
  • Backlight “plain text” HMI with multiple language (removable).
  • On board soft PLC and WLP programming software.
  • USB connection for use with “Superdrive G2” + all drives supplied with USB cable.
  • Memory card (removable for multiple drive programming and soft PLC uploads).
  • Multiple “plug in” control & expansion modules
  • Available communication: Profibus, DeviceNet, CANopen, EtherNet / IP, Modbus RTU (native).
  • Normal Duty and Heavy Duty ratings to adapt optimally to all kinds of load.
  • Integral Brake Chopper for dynamic braking applications (as standard to 88A).


  • Pumps and fans
  • Compressors
  • Multipump control
  • Load lifting
  • Machine manufacturers and processes in general
  • Paper and cellulose
  • Wood
  • Cement
  • Mining
  • Petrochemical or chemical
  • Steel plant
  • Metallurgy
  • Refrigeration
  • Sugar and Alcohol
  • Image & Data Sheet

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