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The Honeywell SmartLine Transmitter family of products allow for tight process control on-site. Featuring the industry’s best total performance, fast response times, and long-term linear stability, the SmartLine Transmitter family will help you to reduce costs and increase the speed of product delivery.

The SmartLine family includes:

  • SmartLine Pressure Transmitters – The industry’s first modular and most robust pressure transmitters
  • SmartLine Wireless Pressure Transmitters – A future proof, ISA100 Wireless™ compliant pressure measurement solution
  • SmartLine Multivariable Transmitters – Measure pressure, static pressure and process temperature simultaneously
  • SmartLine Temperature Transmitters – Modular, accurate and reliable temperature measurement for the lowest cost of ownership
  • SmartLine Level Transmitters – Reliable and efficient level control using guided wave technology

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