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SmartLine Anytime Tool (SAT) provides a single platform to upgrade the firmware for all Honeywell SmartLine instruments. Users can easily upgrade individual components and benefit from the SmartLine platform’s modularity concept and the latest firmware functionalities released across the SmartLine portfolio.

What Is It?

​SmartLine Anytime Tool enables users to upgrade any Honeywell SmartLine device, including:

  • ST 800 and ST 700 Pressure Transmitters
  • STT 850 and STT 750 Temperature Transmitters
  • SLG 700 series Level Transmitter

It also allows electronic modules like basic/advanced displays and DE/HART/FF communication modules to be interchanged between selected instruments with minimal firmware upgrade. Users can thus reduce downtime due to repair or replacement as well as benefit from a lower lifecycle cost while maintaining current functionality.

What Problems Does It Solve?

​​SmartLine Anytime Tool continues the SmartLine tradition of inventory reduction by acting as the single common tool for upgrading firmware across the whole platform. It reduces lifecycle cost and brings the latest functionality to users while reducing downtime.

How Does It Work?

SAT is operated by a dedicated software (included in the kit) run on a PC. It supports automatic SmartLine hardware device detection when the device is connected to the box, and intuitive upgrade to a new firmware version. Other features include:

  • USB port enables SAT to directly interface with PC without an extra power supply
  • Multi-module ports enable five instrument modules to be connected for upgrade at the same time
  • SAT supports reverse module connection
  • SAT provides power up light indication.

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