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Modbus TCP IO Module

Modbus TCP IO Module can be widely used in farms, agricultural greenhouses, IoT terminals, water conservancy, , gas collection and control, Industrial automation, intelligent building monitoring, power systems, unattended parking lots and other industrial control fields., Its unique logic control function can easily realize automatic water supply, fertilization, start and stop valves and other function. It is an ideal device for automatic control scenarios.

Features Of Modbus TCP IO Module 

  • Multiple switch inputs, switch outputs and analog input interfaces;
  • DO relay output, can control valves, lights, water pumps, inverters, etc;
  • DI switch value acquisition, can connect to passive buttons, photoelectric switches, liquid level switches, etc;
  • AI analog 20mA acquisition, supports standard 4-20mA sensors such as temperature, humidity, liquid level, etc;
  • RS485 interface*1, easy access to terminal devices;
  • Support linkage of acquisition signal and output, DO following AI/DI;
  • Automatic IP address acquisition; DNS domain name resolution;
  • Support Modbus TCP/UDP;
  • Support hardware watchdog with high reliability;
  • Multiple indicator lights show working status;
  • Support relay output timing and delay settings;
  • Support device sharing, multiple users monitor at the same time;
  • Support query and view of historical data;
  • Support to connect to private cloud

Model Selection of Modbus TCP IO Module

KZ-02AL 2*DI(Dry contact/NPN)&2*DO&2*AI(4-20mA), RS485+Ethernet,DC9~60V
KZ-02AL-PRO 2*DI(Dry contact/NPN)&2*AI(4-20mA)&2*AO, RS485+Ethernet,DC9~40V
KZ-04AL 4*DI(Dry contact/NPN)&4*DO&4*AI(4-20mA), RS485+Ethernet,DC9~60V
KZ-08AL 8*DI(Dry contact/NPN)&8*DO&8*AI(4-20mA), RS485+Ethernet, DC9~60V
KZ-16AL 16*DI(Dry contact/NPN)&16*DO&16*AI(4-20mA), RS485+Ethernet,DC9~60V
KZ-DO40 40*DO,RS485+Ethernet, DC 9~40V
CE-IO4444 4DO+4DI+4AI+4AO,RS485+RS232+Ethernet,DC 7-30V
CE-IO12884 12DO+8DI+8AI+4AO,RS232+RS485+Ethernet,DC 12-30V