The Datakom model DKG-171 is a low cost, microprocessor controlled unit designed to monitor the 3-phase mains voltages, send remote start command to the generating set and make changeover of both generator and mains contactors. The genset is supposed to be controlled by a remote start type control unit. The front panel mimic diagram provides information about mains and generator power availability as well as contractor positions.

The DKG-171 continuously monitors the AC mains phase voltages. If at least one of the phase voltages goes outside set limits, it initiates a transfer cycle. The DKG-171 provides a TEST mode pushbutton allowing the genset to be tested without a mains failure. The Test mode is also called Emergency Backup mode which keeps the genset running and makes a quick transfer in the event of a mains failure.
In the test mode, the remote start output will be energized but no load transfer will take place unless the occurrence of a mains failure. If the mains fail, the load will be transferred to the genset. When the mains voltages are within limits the load will be transferred to the mains, but the genset will be kept running. It will only stop of the test mode is cancelled.

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