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RS232 Lightning Arrester

Communication lightning Arrester is designed according to IEC6100-4-5 and TK20&K21 standards, this product uses multi-level protection circuit and uses the latest high-speed surge protection device. It has fast response, low output residual voltage and superior transmission performance. The product is made of metal casing and has good sealing performance. It is dustproof and has anti-corrosion functions. It is connected in series and installed to suppress high-voltage pulses on the line to protect the back-end equipment from lightning and industrial surges.

Features and Benefits:

  • Multi-level protection circuit design
  • Stable and reliable product quality
  • Large flow rate, low residual pressure level, low insertion loss
  • Serial circuit protection, anti-static protection, lightning protection, surge suppression
  • Simple and convenient to install, stable and reliable



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