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The HMT-1 is a ruggedised optical head-mounted display meant for industrial applications developed by RealWear. It features a high-resolution micro-display that views like a 7″ tablet, a high-definition camera with optical image stabiisation and an advanced user interface fully controlled with voice and head gestures built on top of the Android operating system.

The HMT-1 is the perfect smart-device for industrial application: It gives you all the benefits of a phone or tablet without any workflow interruption or safety concerns.


    • Remote Instruction – Have experts instruct and guide on-site workers remotely, reducing downtime by up to 75%
    • Improved Workflow – The HMT-1’s head-mounted display allows access to documentation and other info with minimal distraction from work
    • Documentation – Use the built-in camera to quickly and easily document site information via photo or video
    • Collaboration – Multiple microphones and noise reduction allow for clear voice communication even with background noise of up to 100dB

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