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HIKMICRO Mini1 160 x 120 IR Resolution-25Hz Refresh Rate-Thermal Imaging Camera for Android Smartphone (USB-C)-Infrared Thermal Imager 19,200 Pixels,-4°F to 622°F

POWERFUL THERMAL IMAGING CAMERA:  With 160×120 IR resolution/19,200 pixels and thermal sensitivity<0.04 °C thermal sensor, the Mini1 thermography imager provides high-definition colour clarity with maximum and minimum temperature ranges. Provides a sharp clear thermal image of the target.

FAST IMAGE FREQUENCY: 25Hz fast frame rate delivers smooth and constant videos and images with no pauses or frozen screen when in operation while panning across scenes or viewing moving targets.

MINI DESIGN WITH RICH FEATURES: High-Temperature Alarm offers an instant notification when the temperature exceeds preset alarm level; Multi Measurement Presets: Center Spot, Hot Spot, Cold Spot, 3 Custom Spots and 3 Areas check target area at the very first sight; Powerful Smartphone App

IDEAL THERMAL INSPECTION TOOL: HIKMICRO Mini1 thermal imager is perfect for Home Inspections, Missing Insulation, Air Leak, Water Damage, Facility Maintenance, HVAC Troubleshooting, and professional inspections of electrical and mechanical systems.


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