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Field Device Manager Express software is versatile and flexible, enabling process plant engineers and operators to perform on-the-go smart device maintenance anywhere in the plant. It enables management of HART and Profibus devices, irrespective of the device type or manufacturer. Support is provided for device configuration, management and associated diagnostics tasks. ​​​​​​

What Is It?

​Field Device Manager Express is a software tool that operates with Windows 7 laptop or desktop operating systems, and is used for managing and configuring smart field instruments. It is a portable, on-the-go version of Field Device Manager (FDM), supporting many of the same features. FDM Express provides support for:

  • HART devices connected to a HART modem
  • HART devices connected to a multiplexer network
  • Profibus devices connected to a Profibus network
  • HART devices connected to a Profibus network via a HART-over-Profibus gateway

FDM Express simplifies maintenance tasks by providing an intuitive user interface, optimized for use by instrumentation engineers and technicians. It ensures quick response and provides a functional interface layout for easy operation.

How Does It Work?

​FDM Express supports open industry standards, enabling its use as a versatile tool for managing HART and Profibus devices. It uses unmodified vendor Device Description (DD/EDDL) files as well as Device Type Managers (DTMs) for performing device configuration, management and diagnostics tasks. FDM Express supports easy addition of both EDDLs and DTMs into its library, eliminating the wait for a new software release when a new device or version is used. Functions and features described in the DD/EDDL file or DTM are supported.

FDM Express provides full access to device parameters, configuration wizards and diagnosis procedures. Its Offline Configuration feature allows users to complete device configuration without the device being physically present. The configuration can be downloaded later at the push of a button.

What Problems Does It Solve?

​Direct access to effective device diagnostic information helps users improve maintenance prioritization and plant reliability. FDM Express provides all device information and status with just a few clicks for effective on-the-go device management and maintenance. By transparently supporting both EDDL and FDT/DTM standards, it also eliminates the need for multiple software tools.

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