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Honeywell’s Durafet pH electrode is an industrial, non-glass, unbreakable, Ion Sensitive Field Effect Transistor (ISFET)-based pH sensor. The industry-proven pH electrode, with over 14 years of application experience, provides fast, accurate and dependable pH measurement in the most demanding applications.​​

What Is It?

​Durafet pH electrodes offer a reliable combination of measuring and reference electrodes and an integral automatic temperature compensator in a one-piece construction and are suited for varying pH and temperature ranges.

Housed in a chemically resistant Ryton body, these electrodes serve the need of a variety of industrial or sanitary applications, including neutralization and reagent addition control. A sanitary Durafet III design is also available for food and dairy applications.

Durafet III electrodes are designed with a rugged waterproof Vario Pin connector while Durafet II electrodes are available with a PC board connector. These electrodes are compatible with Honeywell’s entire instrumentation range including UDA2182, APT Series and DirectLine® sensor modules.

How Does It Work?

Durafet pH electrodes comprise a rugged, non-glass pH sensor that resists breakage in normal usage and offers up to 10 times faster responses than glass. The ISFET-based, solid state pH sensor emits a stable, low impedance signal, eliminating the need for frequent calibrations.

The electrodes are available in two basic designs:

¾” NPT male threaded connections at the top and bottom for in-line or immersion installations
Durafet II 12-mm diameter electrode for use with various Honeywell installation mountings
All electrodes include a cable connector to enable easy and reliable electrode replacement without twisting of cables. The electrodes include a reference junction frit filled with KCI gel that is easily replaceable. This extends the electrode’s lifetime and ensures hassle-free maintenance.

What Problems Does It Solve?

Honeywell’s Durafet pH electrodes offer an accurate, cost-effective and stable solution to pH measurement. The ISFET-based, solid state pH sensor minimizes the costs of electrode replacement, maintenance, reagent usage and calibration. Users benefit from better process control due to the sensor’s exceptionally fast response.

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