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Honeywell’s DirectLine DL5000 Equilibrium Probe represents field-proven technology in the measurement of dissolved oxygen in the areas of power utility, industrial and municipal waste water treatment.

What Is It?

The DL5000 Equilibrium Probe accurately measures dissolved oxygen and is available for use with the DirectLine 424 or 425 sensor modules and UDA2182 Universal Dual Channel Analyzer.

While the PVC style probe is ideal for industrial and municipal waste water treatment, the stainless steel version with incorporated fittings meets the needs of high purity power generation applications. Its unique design results in a device that requires no internal maintenance, and is unaffected by changes in process flow or fouling.

An assortment of accessories and mounting options including (a) in-line, (b) a flow-through of operations or (c) direct immersion into process, enable ease of set-up and use. Mating cables available in varying lengths ensure easy operation.

How Does It Work?

The DirectLine DL5000 Equilibrium Probe works on a patented equilibrium probe technology which is based on applying partial pressure of oxygen rather than the diffusion rate of oxygen through the probe membrane. This unique technology replaces oxygen consumed in the measuring process hence no replacement parts are required.

Oxygen is then allowed to diffuse through the heavy-duty probe membrane as a gas. The membrane eliminates the need for periodic replacements. Equipped with a permanent anode, cathode and reference electrode, the device is surrounded by permanent electrolyte and membrane, which reduces maintenance costs.

What Problems Does It Solve?

Honeywell’s DirectLine DL5000 Equilibrium Probe has a very long and successful performance history in industrial and power ppb and ppm measurement applications. It measures dissolved oxygen accurately and cost effectively, and offers users a virtually maintenance-free probe that is easy to clean and operate.

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