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The Honeywell ControlEdge PLC is the ultimate platform for engineering flexibility. It features extensive connectivity options regarding I/O type, supported devices, and supported protocols, and is also the first PLC to support lean project execution.

A Common and Proven Platform

The ControlEdge PLC is built upon the proven and reliable HC900 platform: It supports HC900 racks and power supplies, and will support HC900 IO Modules. This platform has been successfully deployed for over 15 years, giving you confidence the ControlEdge PLC will be robust and reliable in the field. The shared components also leads to less required stock and shorter lead times for your purchases.

Superior Integration with Honeywell Systems

The ControlEdge PLC allows for the implementation of a single automation vendor for your requirements. Easily connect to all of your other Honeywell systems, including PLC, DCS, SCADA, Asset Management and HMI Panels. This integration does not come at the cost of versatility however, as multi-vendor functionality is still strongly supported through the use of open protocols.

Enhanced Security Through ISASecure EDSA Level 2 Certification

The ControlEdge PLC is the first PLC to be ISASecure EDSA level 2 certified. Developed by the ISA Security Compliance Institute, the advanced requirements of this standard ensure device security, simplify procurement for asset owners, and provide device assurance for equipment vendors.

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