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Conductivity measurement devices determine conductivity, resistivity and salinity in a wide range of processes. Honeywell’s Analytical Process Analyzer (APT) 2000 series of Contacting Conductivity (CC) transmitters ensure reliable and accurate measurement and are ideal for chemical, petrochemical, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical, water and power industries.

What Is It?

​Honeywell’s APT2000CC transmitter includes advanced features that help diagnose and rectify errors occurring in electronic equipment. It also offers continuous diagnostics for monitoring calibration, cell health and analyzer self-test.

The APT2000 series works with a variety of Honeywell contacting conductivity cells for accuracy in high purity water measurement up to high conductivity or salinity and can meet the measurement needs of Class I, Division 2 (non-incendive) and general-purpose areas.

With quick response time, a simple operator interface and a large front display, the device enables quick recognition of process parameters and diagnostics from a distance.

Available in wall, pipe or panel mounting options, the APT2000 series can be easily installed with preassembled empty enclosure and plug-in terminals.

How Does It Work?

​Honeywell’s APT2000CC transmitter is a two-wire 24 volt device that continuously monitors sensor and analyzer electronics and immediately displays diagnostics information. When an error occurs, the device indicates the appropriate error code or pictograph, blinks a red LED and adjusts the error current to 22 mA.

The device’s large front display employs visual feedback (i.e. easily recognizable pictograph-type characters) to alert the operator during process changes and when problems occur. This enables easy troubleshooting, reduces the time required for set up and maintenance and minimizes calibration errors.

What Problems Does It Solve?

​Inaccurate or unreliable conductivity measurements can result in heavy loss or process inefficiencies. Honeywell’s APT2000CC transmitter is easy to use and install. Designed for quick, accurate diagnosis and error rectification, the device is a reliable and cost-effective solution.

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