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Measurement of gases is crucial for various applications in industries like chemical and petroleum. Honeywell’s 7866 Thermal Conductivity Analyzer uses time-proven technology for efficient and safe measurement of gases.

What Is It?

Honeywell’s 7866 Thermal Conductivity Analyzer is designed to provide a highly sensitive and accurate analysis of a binary mixture of gases. The thermal conductivity analyzer can also be calibrated to measure a single component of a multi-component gas mixture. The analyzer comes in two versions – a Triple Range Analyzer and Single Range Analyzer. While the Triple Range Analyzer monitors hydrogen purity in hydrogen-cooled generators and carbon dioxide in air and hydrogen for power plant applications, the Single Range Analyzer can be used for gas measurement across variety of applications and industries. The reliable and solid state design of these thermal conductivity analyzers offers high sensitivity, excellent stability and fast response times.

How Does It Work?

The 7866 Thermal Conductivity Analyzer uses the principles of thermal conductivity to determine the concentration of a sample gas. It consists of three basic components – the sensing unit (transmitter), the control unit (receiver) and a power supply. The sensing unit receives a continuous flow of the binary or multi-component gas mixture, measures the concentration of the sample gas and transmits an electrical signal to the control unit. The control unit receives the output signal from the sensing unit at the sampling site via the interconnecting cable. This unit then provides a current output signal to a remote device for monitoring or recording purposes.​

What Problems Does It Solve?

​The absence of right gas concentration in a process can result in reduced productivity and hazardous conditions like explosions. The 7866 Thermal Conductivity Analyzer addresses these issues and helps users achieve a safe and efficient process, with cost effective and precise gas measurement.

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