Three-Phase Induction Motors – Master Line

The motors of the Master line (M line) stand out for the flexibility of their electrical and mechanical project.

They are versatile motors with different configurations suitable for severe environments which demand high resistance and durability, adapting to different applications.

They can also be designed for inverter operation, enabling accurate speed control, as well as high torques during start.

Maximum efficiency is obtained from the motors by means of modern software applications, which provide high precision to the project. Optimized design, high quality materials and strict control of all the manufacture phases make WEG motors ideal for different industries, such as:
Waste Water
Oil & Gas
Sugar & Ethanol
Cellulose & Paper

Main Construction Characteristics
Protection degree IP23, IP24(W), IP55(W), IP56(W), IP65(W)
Rings (wound) – fixed or motorized brush holder
Hydrodynamic oil-lubricated
Grease (with taconite seal) and oil-lubricated rolling bearing

Advantages of Using the Motors of the Master Line
High efficiency
Low noise level
Simple and reduced maintenance
Easily interchangeable with existing motors
Optimized project

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