The WEG W22 Mining range is designed for 415V (in Y upto 100 frame and in from 112 and above).
WEG also manufactures motors from 110V up to 13,800V, available on request.
The WEG W22 Mining motor are designed with low temperature rise, high temperature grease, low bearing temperature and high grade insulation, and hence are mechanically and electrically sound to operate at ambient temperatures of up to 55°C (at SF=1.0).
All low voltage motors are also guaranteed to operate down to -20°C and lower. Contact Motherwell Automation office to confirm application demands and motor suitability.

  • W22 mining standard colour is electric orange
  • W22 motors are supplied with oil seal or W3Seal® (160 to 355 in W22 mining)
  • W22 mining motors, in frames 225 to 355, have roller bearings, making them suitable for heavy duty applications including pulley and belts.
  • Fans are bidirectional and made of cast iron for W22 mining

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