Three-Phase Induction Motors – M Mining

To provide an effective solution for the mining and cement segments, WEG developed the M Mining line. These motors have a superior degree of protection, ideal for dust environments, and a new brush system for the wound-rotor motors.

The design was specially developed with electromechanical characteristics which provide durability long life operation, strength and robustness. They can operate in dust environments as found in cement and mining industries, susceptible to sun exposure installations that are able to withstand water projected in powerful jets and permanent contact with suspended ore/cement particles accumulated on the equipment. For this reason, the motors have a degree of protection up to IP66 and are mainly used in mills (rollers, balls, bars, SAG), crushers, fans, exhaust fans, conveyor belts, wheel loaders and winches, centrifugal pumps, rotary kilns, electric excavators among others.

Rated output: 250 up to 10,000 kW
Frame: 355 up to 1,000 (IEC)
Voltage: 220 up to 13,800 V
Number of poles: 2 to 14 (squirrel cage motors)
Number of poles: 4 to 14 (wound-rotor motors)
Frequency: 50 and 60 Hz
Degree of protection: IP55 up to IP66
Standards: IEC/NEMA
Integrated control system for motors with liftable brush holders

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