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Leverage industrial AI and machine learning to help improve operations and reliability and reduce costs. Analytics software mines historical data and employs advanced analytics and modeling techniques to determine patterns and trends that can predict future scenarios. This helps identify risks, opportunities, and outcomes. It is essential to any digital, data-driven strategy.

Benefits of analytics software

  • Identify problems rapidly
  • Discover root causes
  • Improve asset performance
  • Accelerate production
  • Optimize operations and reduce costs
  • Mitigate risk

GE Digital’s analytics solutions combine deep domain expertise with applied analytics and digital twin technology. Predictive maintenance tools rapidly identify problems, discover root causes, and optimize operations in a variety of industrial settings.

Proficy CSense industrial analytics software uses AI and machine learning to enable process engineers to combine data across industrial data sources and rapidly identify problems, discover root causes, predict future performance, and automate actions to continuously improve quality, utilization, productivity, and delivery of operations.

Uniquely providing five analytics capabilities in one package, Proficy CSense has helped organizations around the world reduce costs by turning raw data into rapid business value. Engineers and data scientists can analyze, monitor, predict, simulate, and optimize and control setpoints in real time through Proficy CSense.

Additionally, Proficy CSense provides the capabilities to mine insight from historical data and rapidly develop, test, and deploy simple calculations, predictive analytics, and optimization and control solutions to reduce variability and improve operations.


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