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The Master line motors stand out for the flexibility of their electrical and mechanical design, resulting in a high-performance product, complying with the international standards and aligned with the global trends.

Technical Features
Output: 160 to 27,000 kW
Voltage: 220 to 13,800 V
Frame: 280 to 1600 (IEC)
Number of poles: 4 to 14
Insulation class: F
Degree of protection: IP23, IP24(W), IP55 to IP65
Mounting: horizontal or vertical
Bearing: ball bearing or sleeve bearing
Rotor: wound and with collector rings
Brush holder: with motorized brush lifting system

Motorized brush lifting implies important advantages in the performance of the motor throughout the years:

  • Avoids constant and premature wearing of the brushes and collector rings;
  • Reduces the stops for maintenance and replacement of brushes;
  • Avoids the accumulation of dust on the brushes inside the brush compartment, keeping the insulation level of the rotor high;
  • Increases the useful life of the brushes, collector rings and, consequently, that of the motor.

These motors are recommended in cases in which the load has a high resistant torque or high inertia at starting. The external resistances are used only to start the motor providing high torque and strongly reducing the inrush current. The brushes are in contact with the collector rings only at starting which avoids unnecessary wearing of the brushes and collector rings during rated operation allowing a longer time of use of the set.

Examples of applications
Ball mills, fans, exhaust fans, crushers, pumps in general and others.

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