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Combining engineering know-how to the latest generation of computerised tools, such as structural analysis (finite element analysis), fluid dynamics and electrical design optimization software, an innovative, next generation product range has been developed: the W22 motor.
Several key objectives have been achieved in the design of the W22 motor:

  • Reduction of noise and vibration levels
  • Increased energy efficiency and reduced thermal footprint
  • Easy maintenance through robust modular design
  • Compatibility with present & future generations of frequency Inverters
  • Low carbon emissions during manufacturing, installation and throughout its long operating life
  • High torques keeping up with the toughest load and voltage oscillations.

With the quietest noise levels on the market, you will not find a simpler and more economical way
to meet noise level regulations. High torques will keep your equipment running, even under severe
load conditions.

When used with a VSD, our innovative WISE® (WEG Insulation System Evolution – Patented) insulation will deliver years of reliable operation. Combined with WEG’s CFW11, the patented Optimal Flux® will provide savings never before experienced.
WEG provides you to a world of efficiency gains, reliable operation and carbon footprint reduction.

WEG motors are made of high grade cast iron material. There are basically three densities used in manufacturing electric motors: FC-100 (the industry standard), FC-150 and FC-200. WEG uses exclusively FC-200, the same grade mandated by international standards for explosion proof motors, providing high levels of mechanical strength, adequate for the most severe applications.

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