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OneFex Modular ETHERNET IP IO Module is a flake intelligent distributed I/O product. Compact sheet design, modular splicing, installed in the cabinet, the lateral width of each module is only 17mm. The new generation of high baud rate backplane bus technology supports more I/O expansion and richer functional modules, and high-speed data transmission reaches 100M, which greatly shortens the I/O response time.

Flake distributed I/O is a high-density I/O module, which can realize fast data exchange through a large number of signals at the field level through a standard and reliable industrial network and an upper-level programmable logic controller (PLC). As an important part of the control system, it brings display and monitoring to the equipment and the flexible connection mode of the bus-type PLC main control cabinet realizes intelligent control.

The outstanding performance of DINKLE terminal gives OneFex thin-chip distributed I/O modules great advantages in industrial assembly, which saves precious time for the project progress and has been greatly affirmed by the project manager.

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