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8-RS232 or RS485 to 2-way Ethernet Modbus Industrial Smart Gateway

The new MAIWE MaxGate300 series industrial smart gateway is an industrial Modbus gateway with anti-lightning, anti-electromagnetic interference, high reliability and high industrial performance features. It can realize the conversion between Modbus RTU/ASCII and Modbus TCP protocols, supports 8-way RS232 or RS485 serial ports, and 2×10/100M adaptive Ethernet ports, which can meet the needs of various industrial sites. The MaxGate300 series can be used in power systems, industrial monitoring, traffic management, meteorology, water treatment, environmental monitoring, financial securities, coal mines, petroleum and other industries to complete on-site data collection and transmission, remote monitoring, on-site control and other systems, providing users with a convenient fast networking solution.

The MAIWE MaxGate300 series is an advanced modbus gateway and can be used if you have the following data communication requirements:

  1. Single serial requirements of Modbus TCP client is over 4 or Modbus, TCP server is over 8.
  2. Old Modbus RTU devices with poor time compatibility.
  3. The SCADA software which connect to PLC within short time and very frequent(<50ms).
  4. Complex LAN environments such as broadcast storms and large traffic.

Features & Benefits

  • Cortex-A7 core running at up to 792MHz;
  • Support 8-way RS232 or RS485 serial port to 2×10/100Base-T(X) adaptive Ethernet ports;
  • Support conversion between Modbus RTU/ASCII and Modbus TCP protocols;
  • Modbus configuration-free pre-reading, single serial port supports 256 Modbus RTU commands;
  • RS232, RS485 interface up to 4kV surge protection;
  • Support DC12~48V non-polar input;
  • Single serial port supports up to 32 TCP Client connections;
  • Single serial port supports up to 16 TCP Server connections;

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