Moxa, a leading provider of network infrastructure solutions, has introduced the MDS-G4000 Series industrial DIN-rail modular managed Ethernet switches to realize next-level network versatility. With growing connectivity requirements for industrial applications, business owners are looking for versatile, future-proof solutions to scale with these constantly expanding networks. The MDS-G4000 Series provides a fully modular platform with a variety of hot-swappable media interface and power modules, enabling hundreds of port combinations for on-demand flexibility. The hot-swappable modules and redundant isolated power design combined with an intuitive web interface and MXview support enable the MDS-G4000 Series to provide 24/7 operations while lowering the total cost of ownership.

The MDS-G4000 switches emerged victorious from the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2020 category out of more than 6,500 submissions thanks to its outstanding quality design. The MDS-G4000 Series stood out from the competition with its ultra-compact size, robust housing, and convenient tool-free module installation design. This award again shows Moxa’s continuous commitment to deliver products that fulfill application requirements while striking an optimal balance between flexibility, reliability, and ease of use.

Flexible Port Combinations for Future Expansion and Convenient Installation
As industrial networks continue to expand, the MDS-G4000 Series offers five types of 4-port media interface type modules and two types of power modules to mix and match, delivering the flexibility necessary to connect the increasing volume of different devices. The ultra-compact size, together with DIN-rail, wall-, and rack-mounting* options provide additional installation versatility when deploying the MDS-G4000 Series in challenging industrial environments such as inside machines and in narrow underground and outdoor cabinets.
*Rack-mounting is only available for the MDS-G4028 Series.

This video introduces the MDS-G4000’s key features

Intuitive Web Interface and MXview Network Monitoring Software
The MDS-G4000 switches feature a user-friendly web interface that helps you search switch functions and perform configurations with ease. In addition, the streamlined HTML5-based interface ensures the same seamless user experience whether you are using a laptop, tablet, or phone. Meanwhile, Moxa’s MXview software makes it easier than ever to monitor operations of the MDS-G4000 Series switches on your network in real-time. If there is a problem with a switch, MXview will immediately notify you of the problem and the affected switch’s location to perform on-site troubleshooting quickly and efficiently.

To learn more about the MDS-G4000 Series of industrial DIN-rail modular Ethernet switches, visit the Moxa microsite

2 July 2020

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