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A SMART MINE is a DIGITIZED MINE – a mine that has embraced IIoT technology to connect its assets, people and processes. The three imperatives of a smart mine: Unified Operating Model in Mining Enterprise – Siloed systems and lack of a holistic view is brought together by a single pane of glass – one view of the mining enterprise for better insights and decision-making.

Connected Miners, Operators and Workers – Mine operators have access to real-time data, remote assistance, connectivity to each-other, expert assistance, process simulations and more that reduce downtime and ensure maximum productivity.

Mine Monitoring & Predictive Analysis:

A) Seamless Asset Management to Predict Machine Performance and Optimize Up time.
B) Merged asset monitoring and process models
C) Real-time Digital Twins & Machine Learning and d) Automated Fault Detection.

Honeywell Forge Asset Performance Management:

Honeywell Forge APM uses digital twin technology and advanced analytics to bring industry 4.0 to mining operations. It detects latent asset performance issues and guides prescriptive actions toward reducing asset-related inefficiencies. The assets maybe varied – from extractors, smelters, heavy moving equipment and trucks but connected technology through
real-time data and insights brings together siloed operations.

Combined with continuous surveillance of key operating and equipment conditions, mine assets will now receive the earliest possible
indication of performance gaps and the quickest path to improving the bottom-line.

  • Increased Asset Utilization
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs
  • Increased Operating Efficiency
  • Better Worker Safety, Connectivity & Compliance
16 September 2020

Live Webcast: Industrial Grade Secure Remote Access

16 September 2020

Is Your Mine A Smart Mine? The Future Of The MMM Industry