At Motherwell Advanced Technologies we believe employee training is key to ensuring a company is protected from cyber threats. Employees are the weakest link when it comes to Cyber Security, it is paramount they are educated and made aware of cyber threats.

Two types of training solutions are available: Group Training (class room style) and Online Training. You can choose the type of training that best suits your company; we tailor these solutions to your needs and expectations.

Both solutions include the following concepts:

  • Security Awareness
  • Social Engineering
  • Social Media Security
  • Wireless Security
  • Mobile Device Security

(Other modules can be tailored to your needs)

Group Training Courses

Our classroom style training follows a traditional approach; one of our experienced team members will lead a class of up to 15 client employees through the training modules. Our custom training materials for trainees include technical information as well as various questions for class participation throughout the presentation.

Training is interactive and class duration is approximately 1.5 hours depending on the content being relayed.

This type of training is recommended for a more personal approach and includes a Q & A session. This solution can also be paired with Learning Management Systems (LMS) style training in order to cater for each style of learning.

Online Training Courses

Our online interactive LMS (learning management system) “Learn with Mat” provides the same content as classroom training; with the added benefit of enabling your employees to train at their own pace.

Client employees will be given 5 modules to complete as listed above; each module has an accompanying quiz that tests their knowledge of the module content. In addition as an employer you will have control over the LMS experience of your employees. You will be able to add employees to the training programme, track their progress (time taken, attempts made, modules completed, etc) and have the ability to perform many useful analytical functions on the data.

This training method provides employers with informative statistic on client employees’ performance and tracks employees not trained yet as well as highlighting individuals who requires supplementary training. 

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