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The new generation MAIWE MISCOM6208 series managed rail-type industrial Ethernet switches supports 8 100M Ethernet ports, the product has high transmission rate, supports remote management, and the self-healing time of ring network is ≤20ms. It has industrial-grade chips and shells to ensure the reliable operation of the system.

>>>>New aluminium shell body, efficient heat dissipation

1) Brand new aluminium shell body, no fan for efficient heat dissipation, IP40 protection, the shell product made of black oxide sandblasting treatment in terms of material, strong and wear-resistant, greatly enhances the product’s heat dissipation performance, corrosion resistance, insulation performance, machine size is only 140mm x 54mm x 110mm;

2) The M-edge shape of the front panel of the upgraded version of the shell has reserved a PVC surface sticking area. The appearance of the whole product looks more brand recognizable, and at the same time, it is convenient for customers to customize;

3) It supports DIN rail type and wall-mounted installation methods. Users can choose according to actual needs, which is simple and flexible.




18 August 2022

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18 August 2022

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