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The new MAIWE MW-CANET300 communication server meets the communication needs of of different application sites. In addition to meeting the conversion between CAN and Ethernet, it also has the function of CAN to serial port. It can easily realise mutual transparent transmission between CAN-bus, RS232/485 and Ethernet, further expand the network access range of CAN-bus terminal, realise Modbus gateway function and make industrial network connection more flexible and convenient.

MW-CANET300 has 1 CANbus interface, 1 RS232/485 interface and 1 Ethernet interface. Each interface is isolated from each other and does not affect each other. The relevant parameters of each interface can be configured independently.

High-level Hardware Protection

External independent hardware design, high-level ESDD, Surge, EFT protection for power supply, network port and CAN interface, CAN interface/serial port isolation voltage 2KVAC, strong anti-interference ability, support DC 9~36V input, -4°C ~ 85°C wide temperature, suitable for harsh and complex industrial environments.

CAN ID Filtering

Unique ID filtering function, select allowable ID range or prohibited ID range, selectively forward data, greatly reduce the bus load of the channel, improve data isolation and realize efficient use of data.

Mass Communication Protocol

MW-CANET300 supports ARP, ICMP, UDP, TCP, IP, HTTP, DHCP, DNS and other network protocols, and supports TCPClient/TCP Server, UDP Client, UDP Multicast, Pair Connection, Websocket Client, HTTPD Client and other communication methods It can be selected to meet the diversified communication protocol requirements of the industrial field.


Application Field

The MW-CANET300 industrial grade isolated CAN server independently developed by MAIWE has stable and reliable performance. The products can be widely used in intelligent manufacturing, medical equipment, building security, automotive electronics and other industries.

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