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In response to the needs of the wind power industry, MAIWE provides integrated solutions for wired data transmission, wireless coverage and IP telephone systems to meet the requirements of remote maintenance of field centre, wind turbine equipment inspection, and timely voice communication.

The traditional equipment configuration and maintenance in the wind turbine are limited by the cabin space, which makes the operation difficult, requires high operation, and takes a long time. MAIWE proposes the wireless solution that uses a wireless controller AC to centrally manage wireless AP, and the AC is placed in a set-up substation, a wireless AP is installed in the base and nacelle of each wind turbine tower to realize wireless coverage and remote management of the wind farm. With flexible management method, it allows on-site technicians to connect to the system through a wireless terminal within a radius of 150 meters of the wind turbine, realizing local wireless operation and maintenance and configuration, and at the same time can effectively achieve network security requirements guarantee through access control, port binding. Among them, the wireless communication maintenance system is especially suitable for scenarios where offshore wind power is not easy to climb the tower, the communication signal is weak, and the maintenance is difficult.

MAIWE provides a telephone intercom system for wind power IP calls. All IP phones are designed with a special technology, which can meet the requirements of the land and sea environment. The audio signal is transmitted in the industry private network or enterprise LAN through the IP network in the form of data packets. The voice intercom system not only solves the long-distance transmission and distributed networking through network technology, but it is also a set of integrated voice intercom system. The voice management server supports secondary development, and can be seamlessly integrated with the video surveillance system and the equipment online detection system.

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