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With the rapid advancement of the industrial information era, serial port servers have been widely used in industrial control fields such as unattended weighing, industrial automation, intelligent building monitoring, intelligent power and unattended weather stations. The serial port server serves as a bridge connecting the central control system of the industrial internet of things and remote devices and its role in the entire communication link is self-evident.

Maiwe Communication has many years of industrial communication product research and development experience. The Mport series serial server is divided into multiple series according to the number of serial ports and isolation performance. At present, it can be divided into single serial port 3101 (-I) and dual serial port 3102 (- I), 4 serial ports 3104 (-I), 8 serial ports 3208 (-I), rail type serial port 3101R and Wi-Fi serial port 3101-W, all of the above models have fully isolated models, which have better industrial performance and fully satisfy Used on different occasions in different industries.

In order to meet the needs of more serial device access in the industrial field, Maiwe launched the new generation industrial-grade isolated rack-mounted Mport3216-I serial server. It has anti-lightning features, anti-electromagnetic interference, high reliability and performance. It has two gigabit photoelectric multiplexing ports, which can realize data transmission between 16 serial RS-485/422 and Ethernet.

The serial ports are isolated from each other and the isolation voltage is 2KVAC or 3KVDC. The 16 serial ports can work independently at the same time without affecting each other. They can be configured for different modes and baud rates (300~460800bps).

Adopt 32-bit ArmCortex-A8 core CPU, up to 800MHz main frequency, built-in hardware watchdog design, power supply, network port, serial port have high-level EDS, Surge, EFT protection, strong anti-interference ability and adapt to harsh environments.

Standard 1U rack installation, -40°C~70°C wide temperature design, DC 110~370VDC, AC 85~264VAC



Supports nine working modes: TCP_Client, TCP_Server, UDP_Client, UDP_Multicast, RealCom, Modbus_RTU_Master, Modbus_RTU_Slave, Modbus_ASCII_Master, Modbus_ASCII_Slave, users can choose arbitrarily according to their needs.

Mport3216-I is powerful and easy to install. It can be widely used in industrial automation, medical equipment, smart agriculture, smart security, instrumentation, smart power and other industrial fields.


12 January 2023

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12 January 2023

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