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Mining in the age of Industry 4.0 brings digitization to field operators and miners, better decision-making through data and analytics that is aggregated through various mining activity and the ability to run a safer, more sustainable plant even in remote working conditions.

With the fast-paced disruptive nature of technology, there is a need for solutions that bring step-change productivity without too much disruption:

  • Can you achieve increased efficiency by digitizing your mine operators?
  • Can predictive maintenance help you manage your mining equipment better, bringing down costs?
  • Can complex mining processes be optimized to save energy utilization?

Let’s discuss and answer these questions at our ‘Future of Mining’ webinar. Together we can build a Smart Mine.

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Monday, 28 September 2020 11:00 AM CDT – Duration 1 Hour

Wednesday, 30 September 2020 9:00 AM IST / 11:30 AM SGT / 1:30 PM EAST – Duration 1 Hour

18 September 2020


18 September 2020

Motherwell Automation Celebrates 20 Years of Automation Excellence