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With most major economies adopting net Zero targets, emissions monitoring for greenhouse gases has become a priority for manufacturing facilities. Unexpected equipment failures can result in millions of dollars of financial losses. Manual inspection of equipment is not only expensive but also leads to human errors, worker fatigue and expose workers to hazardous conditions. In life science facilities key parameters including humidity and room temperature are often manually monitored.

Honeywell Versatilis™ Transmitter is a multi-variant sensing platform based on the latest LoRaWAN® protocol communication technology. Low power consumption and easy installation helps manufacturers to deploy it at a scale while keeping OPEX low.

What Is It?

The Honeywell Versatilis™ Transmitter uses the long-range, low-energy LoRaWAN® protocol to efficiently relay data relating to equipment, the environment, and gaseous emissions over large areas. It also supports BLE communications for quick and reliable configuration and troubleshooting.

How Does It Work?

The transmitters combine best-in-class MEMS (micro electro-mechanical system) based sensing technology with a low-power design, open & secure wireless communication technologies, and user-friendly installation and operation.

What Problems Do They Solve?

Honeywell Versatilis™ Transmitters unlock the possibilities for condition-based monitoring for rotating equipment, including pumps, motors, compressors, fans, blowers, and gearboxes. Wide-ranging capabilities help customers reduce costs, improve safety, increase energy efficiency and comply with environmental regulations:

  • Digitizing assets, processes and ambient conditions
  • Automating field data collection
  • Reducing unplanned downtime through predictive maintenance
  • Monitoring gaseous and fugitive emissions
  • Honeywell Versatilis™ transmitter can be configured through
    Honeywell Versatilis Connect through Bluetooth® in minutes.
  • The tool can be used to connect, configure, set limits, view live as well
    as historical data.
  • The configurator application is capable of running on mobile devices
    and tablets supporting IOS, Android and Windows operating systems.



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