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Honeywell SmartLine® ST800 Differential Pressure Transmitters bring smart technology to a wide spectrum of measurement applications ranging from furnace combustion airflow rate to hydrostatic tank gauging. ST800 Differential Pressure Transmitters are ideal for critical process loops and high-value applications such as custody transfer, and energy and material balances. Four models are available with the following ranges:

STD810 -10 to 10 inH2O -25 to 25 mbar
 STD820 -400 to 400 inH2O -996 to 996 mbar
 STD830 -100 to 100 psi -6.9 to 6.9 bar
 STD870 -3,000 to 3,000 psi -207 to 207 bar

Honeywell’s SmartLine® smart pressure measurement system sets a higher standard for total performance in harsh process environments, featuring the industry’s first modular and most robust pressure transmitters. The SmartLine Pressure Transmitters deliver total value across the entire plant lifecycle, from construction to operations to maintenance. With better performance, modular construction, an advanced display and the best integration features available when used with the Experion control system, Honeywell helps reduce project costs and startup time, avoid unplanned downtime, improve product quality, reduce spare parts inventory and shorten time to repair.

Smartline Multivariable Transmitter measures differential pressure, static
pressure and process temperature with minimal process intrusions. It provides reliable, accurate and stable flow measurement with use of standard and dynamic compensation algorithms.

Features & Benefits

  • Modular design
  • Rich user interface and local configuration capability
  • Universal terminals
  • SmartLine Connection Advantage with Experion
  • Transmitter stability – up to 0.01 % URL per year for fifteen years
  • Reference accuracy – up to 0.035% span with optional 0.025 % span
  • Total probable error as good as 0.12%
  • Response time – as fast as 80 ms
  • In-built / on-board static pressure and temperature compensation
  • Rangeability / turndown of up to 400:1
  • Unequaled local display capabilities
  • External zero, span and complete device configuration capability
  • Comprehensive on-board diagnostic capabilities
  • Integral dual-seal design for Highest safety based on ANSI/NFPA 70-202 and ANSI/ISA 12.27.0
  • World-class static pressure rating – 4500 psig with the option of up to 6000 psig
  • Full compliance to SIL 2/3 requirements as a standard
  • Available with additional 15 year warranty
  • Multiple offerings available: ST800, SMV800 ans sT700 device type manager (DTMs) tools.
  • Available with factory integration and mounting brackets



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24 May 2023

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