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Delivering Business Continuity Amidst Health Pandemics, Cyber Attacks and Other Risks


Secure Remote Access for Operational Assets

Global risk factors today for an industrial enterprise, whether health pandemics or cyberattacks, are placing an urgent emphasis on the need for flexible control and management over operational assets. Business continuity remains a strategic priority, as new worldwide complexities and uncertainties arise.

This whitepaper details key points and considerations to support any industrial organization moving to remote operations.

Find out:

  • Important differences between IT and industrial-grade Secure Remote Access requirements
  • Example use cases for Secure Remote Access in operational technology (OT) settings
  • Technical and business considerations for evaluating Secure Remote Access solutions and approaches

Short and long-term considerations are placed into context, since Secure Remote Access solves immediate staff isolation needs while preparing organizations for more efficient ways of working overall.

A March 2020 Forrester report notes that provisioning employees with remote access technologies is a key continuity strategy at 88 percent of organizations surveyed (1), while Gartner recommends to “accelerate the development of a technology infrastructure that can support alternative types of working.”(2) In the same timeframe, the US government’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) issued an advisory to critical infrastructure companies to prepare for remote work scenarios in light of the Covid-19 health pandemic (3).

FINAL Cybersecurity Whitepaper - Delivering Business Continuity Amidst Health Pandemics
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  • Gartner: With Coronavirus in Mind, Is Your Organization Ready for Remote Work? – March 3, 2020
  • CISA: Risk Management for Novel Coronavirus – March 6, 2020
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