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HIKMICRO Viewer is a powerful free App that realizes real-time screen sharing. For HIKMICRO thermal cameras with Wi-Fi capability, the App can stream their live video to mobile devices. Users are capable of monitoring from a secure distance and showing what the camera is seeing to other people. Remote control of the thermal camera is available, such as changing image modes and colour palettes, enabling/disabling measurement pre-sets, performing offline analysis , sharing images, etc.

HIKMICRO Viewer App provides a user-friendly interface, which contains various functions for operating HIKMICRO Mini Series devices. This multifunctional phone application is able to capture images, record  videos and add point or area measurements, change colour palettes and set high temperature alarm.

HIKMICRO Viewer App _ User Manual Android Mobile Client

HIKMICRO Viewer App _ User Manual iOS Mobile Client

9 November 2022

MAIWE MISCOM7028-4GF Series Introduction Training

9 November 2022

HIKMICRO M Series Handheld Thermal Camera