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Managing mobile field workers can be a difficult task as it comes with a set of challenges, such as field workers not having real-time access to expertise, data, and information for diagnosing and resolving critical issues as they occur.

With Telepresenz you can overcome the challenges faced by mobile workers, as we specialise in remote assistance, digitised workflows, and client-specific customizations of our platform that can be delivered on a variety of smart devices, including AR glasses.

  • Connected Worker: Connecting SME’s with field teams for real-time diagnosis & issue resolution
  • Smart Operations: ML/AI based inspection workflow for real-time assessments
  • Analytics: Gain insights on operational performance and key KPIs
  • Remote Operations: Digital step-by-step workflows with real-time flow of data from / to the field to streamline operations
  • Knowledge Capture: Automatic SOPs & workflow generator to capture/disseminate industry & domain knowledge across your organisation

In addition to that, Telepresenz expands your inspection management platform with easy-to-use features designed specifically for the mobile workforce.


2 February 2023

MAIWE MISCOM7028-4GF Series Rack-Mount Layer 2 Industrial Ethernet Switch

2 February 2023

MAIWE MISCOM7214G-2XGF-4GF-8GT Layer 2 Din-Rail Managed Industrial Ethernet Switch