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Motherwell offers a full suite of pre-packaged or flexible solutions that help protect your business from ever-growing Cyber threats.

Available services include:

  • Cloud Access Security
    Secure cloud endpoints and align policies with organisational needs.
  • IT Security Assessment
    Review all IT assets and infrastructure to reveal risks and flaws
  • Operational Technology Security
    Ensure OT systems are properly configured and secure
  • Penetration Testing
    Simulate Cyber-attacks to gauge resiliency
  • Code Review/Audit
    Identify flaws in in-house applications & code
  • Policy Review and Creation
    Help minimise risk and keep an up to date set of documents
  • Social Engineering
    Test employee knowledge and provide training on cyber security
  • Cyber Security Training
    Improved staff awareness helps protect your company/IT assets & infrastructure
  • Managed Services
    Full suite of IT services provided including 24/7support