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MAIWE Mport3101 Series enables data transmission between Ethernet and serial port (RS-232/RS-485/RS422). The MAIWE Mport Series is based on the 32-bit ARM Cortex-M7 main control CPU enabling one Ethernet interface and two serial ports to communicate and exchange data. This products series  converts serial devices in the field of industrial automation to the communication format of the Ethernet network, so that RS-232/RS-485/RS422 devices that were previously unable to access the Internet can be easily and flexibly linked to the network.

Maiwe Mport series can provide RS232/RS485/RS422 serial port with 1, 2,4,8,16 and 32 ports. What’s more, Mport3216 and Mport3232 series also provide 2 gigabit combo ports, to meet client requirements.


  • Acts as either server or gateway
  • One 100M Ethernet RJ45 port and one RS232/RS422/RS485 serial port
  • Using 32-bit Arm Cortex-M7 core CPU, up to nearly 400MHz frequency
  • External independent hardware watchdog design to prevent crashes
  • Lightning protection of Ethernet interface up to 6KV
  • RS-232/RS-485/RS-422 interface up to 2KV surge protection
  • Provide industrial grade DC power supply DC9 ~ 36V input
  • Support Modbus RTU/ASCII to Modbus TCP conversion
  • Support VirtualCOM software management
  • Isolation and non-isolation design
  • Anti-reverse connection protection
  • Working Temperature from -40℃~+85℃



3 January 2023

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3 January 2023

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