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Motherwell Automation, as the official Moxa Australian partner, offers a wide range of industrial device networking, wireless solutions, video integration, control I/O and embedded computing solutions.  

Moxa has been offering world-class industrial networking products for more than twenty years. They specialise in Industrial Ethernet communication providing world class redundancy and management. 

Moxa manufacture technologically innovative, robust, quality products which are backed by strong technical and after sales support. The Moxa brand is recognised and utilised extensively by industrial systems integrators across a broad range of industry globally.

Motherwell Automation provides assistance  and advice  to clients in the  design and implementation of best practice selection, configuration and implementation of Moxa products  while providing extensive after sales and technical support in the form of warranty, troubleshooting, and general product support regarding configuration, integration and maintenance. 

Motherwell Automation is an authorised Moxa MTSC Partner and have achieved certification across all Moxa product categories including Device Connectivity, Embedded Computing, Industrial Networking and Industrial Wireless.  The Moxa Technical Support Certification (MTSC) was established to guarantee that customers around the world receive the most up-to-date, on-time assistance with their Moxa products. To retain our certification, Motherwell engineers are  required to attend regular  international  training sessions led by Moxa's own technical support experts, and must pass a rigorous array of tests.

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