Motherwell Advanced Technologies - WIN an IT Security Assessment - Friday, 29 March 2019

Motherwell Advanced Technologies would like to offer a Perth based company in WA the chance to win an IT Security Assessment worth to the value of $5,000.

Motherwell Advanced Technologies is a leading provider of cyber security solutions and offers a complete suite of innovative and comprehensive solutions and services relating to the protection of computer systems within an organisation.

Motherwell Advanced Technologies focuses on reducing risk and is constantly evolving in response to tackling cyber security challenges like hacking, viruses and various other threats to personal and professional data.

At Motherwell Advanced Technologies we deliver quality service in the most efficient way, and our experts will work with you to provide a holistic, customised offering for all your cyber security needs. In addition to cyber security, there is also a variety of IT outsourcing services that we can offer to your organisation to help support your information technology needs. 

WHY _ With an IT Security Assessment all your IT assets and infrastructure will be reviewed, outlining where there may be possible flaws, risks and the possibility of threats. It is important for regular review and revision of current infrastructure within your organisation along with the policies that govern the usage of such infrastructure.

Motherwell Advanced Technologies will work with you to analyse your current systems outlining possible threats, the possibility of those threats emerging, the impact of those threats and outline mitigation strategies in relation to those threats. In conjunction we will offer our extensive knowledge on how to further secure your local and cloud infrastructure security.

HOW WE APPROACH IT _  We will commence the assessment by defining the scope of our investigation and gathering all necessary information about your organisation. From there we will commence our discovery (auditing) phase where we will be onsite and working alongside your employees and IT staff to gather the information w need about your organisation's infrastructure.

WHAT YOU RECEIVE _  Once our team has completed the analysis of your environment we will create an all-inclusive report outlining our findings and define mitigation's and solutions to risks.

HOW YOU CAN WIN _It's easy, Click Here and fill in your details and you will be entered into the draw. The draw will take place on April 26th and the lucky company will be notified shortly afterwards.