Motherwell Automation - Ship Alarm Panel Project - Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Motherwell Automation undertook the task of design, implementing, installation and commissioning of the Ship Alarm Panel Control and HMI System. The system was designed to control the operation of water tanks and fuel pumps as well as monitor a number of the ship alarms and various system parameters including fuel and water tank levels and fuel flow rates.

Pressure sensors located at the bottom of each tank provided the PLC with a 4 - 20 mA signal. Due to the non-linear response of these sensors, calculations were required to determine the actual level in the tanks.

The Ship Alarm Panel provides status of critical system parameters such as a fuel and water tank levels and engine fuel flow, as well as alarm monitoring and control functionalities. 

The scope of Motherwell Automation activities included:

  • Development of PLC and HMI software
  • Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) of Control System and HMI hardware and software
  • Site installation, testing and commissioning
  • Training of Operational and Maintenance personnel

The Ship Alarm Control System consisted of a GE-IP VersaMax Controller performing the following function:

  • Collection and monitoring of data from various analogue and digital transmitters
  • Alarm implementation based on system periphery and operator setpoints
  • Implementation of required control functionalities

The HMI Panel comprised of a Nematron 10 inch HMI Screen interfaced to the VersaMax Controller via serial connection. It was configured to display critical digital and analogue status and alarms as well as provide the operator with required control functionalities.

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